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QUAD Platinum Mono

Leistung 180W bei 8Ω, EIngänge: 1 x RCA unbalanciert, 1 x XLR Balanciert, Eingangsimpedanz: 10kΩ, Dynamikbereich: >100dB, Bandbreite: 20Hz – 100kHz (+/- 1.0 dB), Verzerrung THD+N: >0,010%
QUAD Platinum Mono
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QUAD Platinum Mono
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Dynamic performance is the key to musical behaviour. In Platinum the musical dynamics are maintained precisely by making sure that each amplification stage is fed by its own power supply. In that way the power rails for the preamplifier and driver circuits avoid modulation by, say, the current demands of the output stage.

Amplifier stages are normally linked by capacitors to take care of DC offsets. Unfortunately capacitors in the signal path degrade the purity of the music signal. In Platinum direct coupling of each stage is enabled by the use of a DC servo – a circuit that compensates for any unwanted DC voltage and removes it without affecting the music signal.
  •  Die Cast Aluminium Body
  • Complete Remote Compatibility
  • Seamless link up using 12V trigger
 Model Name  Platinum  Mono
 Rated power output  180W RMS into 8Ohms
 Inputs  1 x RCA unbalanced, 1 x XLR balanced
 Input impedance  10kOhms
 Gain  32.5dB
 Frequency response  20 - 100kHz (=/-1.0dB)
 Dynamic range  >100dB
 THD+N  >0.010%
 Dimensions (W x H x D)  380 x 160 x 400 (mm)
 Standard accessories  Power cord



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