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QED QE3313 (2.0m)

QED REFERENCE Stereo Kabel [2x XLR - 2x XLR]
QED QE3313 (2.0m)
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QED QE3313 (2.0m)  CHF 249.00
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QED QE3313 (2.0m)
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  • This cable offers Reference level performance through its use of twisted balanced conductor geometry for the signal and return conductors to eliminate noise induced distortion from external high voltages. This is much more advanced than the standard Phono to Phono/RCA connection as noise or interference that gets induced on the positive side also gets induced on the negative side cancelling out unwanted noise, leaving only the pure signal. This means a reduction in electromagnetic interference and improved signal transmission.
  • Silver plated 99.999% Oxygen free copper conductors
  • Balanced hot, cold and screen twisted pair construction
  • Double electromagnetic screen with 99.999% OFC braid and aluminium mylar wrap
  • Gold plated XLR pins
  • Precision engineered plugs with integrated grip

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