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Norstone Trocadero Black

34 verschiedene Farben stehen zur Auswahl! Made in France.
Norstone Trocadero Black
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Norstone Trocadero Black
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NorStone is moving forward, and for the first time it is getting out to market a range of furnishings manufactured in France. With NorStone édition, our desire is to surround ourselves with the best expertise throughout the industry in France. To get there, our model relies on our genuine French expertise. Quality of manufacturing, personalized products and creation in Burgundy are the defining terms for the new NorStone édition collection.

The NorStone édition Trocadero features StoneGloss finish to ensure longevity, permanent gloss, and a unique look in no less than 34 colours available. The StoneGloss has the uncommon advantage of being tinted all through the material, so it has an exceptionally deep tone. This also means it’s possible to correct any stripes that may appear. This substance literally adorns the element it covers.

The Trocadero is built around the most contemporary idea of all: simplicity. It has a simplified design that will fit perfectly in your interior space and will complement any ambiance you’re looking to enhance. To take this idea even further, you can hang it directly on the wall, and even remove the wheels for a totally sleek look. Choose one of 34 colours, so your piece will fully melt into your room’s design and you can then put all the emphasis on your decorative accents in that space. This NorStone édition innovation is the perfect piece to enhance the rest of your interior, and you can even deploy it strategically to add a touch of colour and showcase its captivating design.

Overall dimensions (W x H x D):
63 x 15.7 x 21.7" / 1600 x 400 x 550 mm

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