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NAD CI 720

Unser Tagespreis auf Anfrage unter info@azone.ch oder 043 534 57 25.
Streamen Sie Musik in bis zu sechs Zonen. Bestücken Sie das Gerät mit bis zu 6 Streaming-/Verstärker-Modulen und geniessen Sie so Musik im ganzen Haus. Entweder voll synchronisiert oder in jeder Zone etwas anderes. HD-Auflösung bis 24/192.

NAD CI 720
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NAD CI 720  CHF 1090.00
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NAD CI 720
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Unser Tagespreis auf Anfrage unter info@azone.ch oder 043 534 57 25.

NAD 3 Jahre Dynavox Schweiz Garantie

NAD Garantieverlängerung:
3 statt 2 Jahre Garantie!

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen passend zu den NAD Premiumprodukten kostenlos die erweiterte DYNAVOX-SWISS-Garantie von drei Jahren anbieten zu können.

Diese erhalten Sie ausschliesslich bei offiziellen DYNAVOX-Händlern - wie azone.ch!

The NAD CI 720 is the perfect solution for adding a powered zone for network audio. With the ability to support up to 64 zones, the CI 720 provides easy access to local libraries, internet radio, popular music streaming services, and major control systems such as Crestron and Control4. As a BluOS™-enabled product, the CI 720 also integrates with select NAD products, as well as Bluesound’s wireless, hi-res multi-room streaming players. Wielding the power of HybridDigital™ amplification technology, the CI 720 can drive any speaker to life-like detail without adding noise or distortion. NAD has also created a custom rack accessory that can house up to six CI 720s in a compact 3U rack space. Delivering amazing performance and easy setup, the NAD CI 720 is the perfect addition to today’s most advanced custom home audio systems.

60-watt per Channel, Single-zone

The 60-watt per channel, single-zone CI 720 Network Stereo Zone Amplifier with HybridDigital™ amplification technology is the perfect addition to today’s most advanced custom home audio systems. Featuring 60 watts per channel, and powered by BluOS™, the advanced music management operating system, the CI 720 allows you to access and stream 24-bit high-res music with the control of a smartphone or tablet via Ethernet and third-party control systems like Control4, Crestron, RTI and URC.


Simple, Single-App Integration & Control

The CI 720 features Bluesound’s proprietary BluOS operating system, and allows you to access, control and stream music playlists to multiple BluOS-enabled zones in the home using simple touch-screen commands. The CI 720’s “blade” form factor allows up to six Network Stereo Zone Amplifiers to be installed neatly into a single 3U rack space, while its highly efficient energy-saving amplifier and thermostatic fan cooling adds enhanced reliability.


Powerful Single-Zone Performance

With 60 watts per channel, and up to 165 watts of Dynamic Power on tap, the CI 720’s integrated HybridDigital™ amp can drive any speaker to lifelike sound levels without adding noise or distortion. By focusing on how to improve musical performance while consuming less power, NAD has taken CI amplification to new lows, with lower distortion, lower noise, and lower power consumption.

NAD RM 720 Rack Mount Accessory

A professional custom rack accessory is also available with innovative shelves that accommodates up to six CI 720s without a single modification in a 3U rack space. The RM 720 includes blanking plates for a neat front panel when less than six amplifiers are installed.

Unser Tagespreis auf Anfrage unter info@azone.ch oder 043 534 57 25.

  • Leistung: 2×60W RMS 8Ω
  • Internet Radio, Streaming, Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, WiMP, Rdio, Juke, Deezer, HighResAudio, HDTracks
  • APP für iOS, Android, Windows und OS X
  • Stereo-Audio-Formate bis 24bit/192kHz: FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, OGG, MP3, AAC, WMA
  • Eingänge: Ethernet GigE, USB(A), RCA Stereo, Optical Toslink, IR
  • Ausgang: Lausprecher, Subwoofer (RCA)
  • Dimensionen (B×H×T): 7×12×35 cm
  • Gewicht: 1.6 kg

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