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LG AN-GXDV77 Stand (1 Paar)

If you prefer not to wall-mount your GX series TV, the optional AN-GXDV77 TV stand mount attaches to allow display on a shelf or furniture. The included back cover helps control cables and provides a clean, finished look to the TV from all angles.
LG AN-GXDV77 Stand (1 Paar)
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LG AN-GXDV77 Stand (1 Paar)  CHF 119.00
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LG AN-GXDV77 Stand (1 Paar)
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- For mounting GX series TVs for furniture / shelf top display
- Includes display stand and back cover for cable control
- Compatible with LG GX OLED 77 inch TV (OLED77GXPUA/AUA)


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