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Cambridge Audio TV2

You can now hear all your media the way it was intended – with audio which surrounds you in immersive and powerful detail.
Cambridge Audio TV2
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Cambridge Audio TV2
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Cambridge Audio TV2

With the TV2 speaker base you can do away with the dull lifeless sound from your thin TV’s thin sound. You can now hear all your media the way it was intended – with audio which surrounds you in immersive and powerful detail. Upgrade the sound of films, games and TV or even stream music from your phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth.

  • 4 different sound modes, optimised for voice, TV, music and film
  • Auto power on and off, controlled by audio sensing technology
  • Flexible placement options
  • Infrared remote control learning, so that it can be controlled by your satellite or TV remote control
  • Remembers up to 8 Bluetooth devices to eliminate time wasted re-pairing each time

True Sound
We’ve applied our wealth of technical experience to make sure your audio is not only room filling and well balanced, but sounds fantastic too. This was recognised by What Hi-Fi? who gave the TV2 a full 5 star recommendation.

From advanced processing technology to intelligent subwoofers, the TV2 gives you thundering bass, deep mid-range and crystal clear highs. So whether you’re watching an action packed film or listening to music from your phone, you’ll be completely immersed in the sound.

Why a speaker base?
As TVs have become thinner, manufacturers have shrunk their audio sections to the extreme – meaning almost all modern televisions now produce dull, tinny and lifeless sound.

The TV2 is the most simple and elegant solution to this, as unlike a soundbar it provides a punchy performance without the need for an external subwoofer. We’ve also put our twist on the design, giving you not only louder but more sophisticated sound as well.

Bluetooth Connectivity
As well as wired connections, TV2 allows you to stream audio via Bluetooth so you can also listen to audio from a phone, tablet or computer!

And if your device supports aptX Bluetooth, you’ll be able to stream in greater detail for even better sound.

Audiophile Technology
When the audio gets to the TV2, it goes through our proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, developed for music and movie production to get the biggest sound and most detail out of it.

Meanwhile the TV2 uses a serious 100 watt digital amplifier to boost audio while maintaining power and control.

Serious Speakers
The TV2 uses dual patented Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speaker drivers which represent a huge leap forwards in speaker design and performance. They deliver a wide, room-filling sound with incredible voice clarity – you’ll never need to turn up the volume to make out dialogue again.

In addition, a 6.5” active downward-firing subwoofer provides rich, deep bass – vital for reproducing the crashes and thuds of any film or game.

What Hi-Fi?

"Cambridge Audio expanded its prolific catalogue of hi-fi and home cinema products with the brilliant Minx TV last year, and its successor is further proof that the company knows what it’s doing in the burgeoning, budget soundbase market. The TV2 is an affordable product that ticks all the criteria of a good TV sound-booster: a full-bodied, detailed sound, smart style, and practical build."

Drive units 2 x 57mm (2.25") Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers
1 x 165mm (6.5") subwoofer
Connectivity Bluetooth
TosLink optical
3.5mm jack
Amplifier power output 100W
Colour Black
Dimensions (WxHxD) 530 x 340 x 100mm

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