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Onkyo TX-RZ3100 Schwarz (Gratis: 2 Jahre Pick Up & Return Garantie)

11.2 AV-Network-Receiver. Ultimate DTS:X, Dolby Atmos® Home Cinema, THX®-Certified, Google Cast™, AirPlay®, Wi-Fi®, and Bluetooth®, FireConnect™ Wireless Multi-room Solution.
Onkyo TX-RZ3100 Schwarz (Gratis: 2 Jahre Pick Up & Return Garantie)
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Garantie 2 Jahr(e)
Onkyo TX-RZ3100 Schwarz (Gratis: 2 Jahre Pick Up & Return Garantie)  CHF 2198.00
Garantieverlängerung auf 6 Jahre CHF 340.00
Abholservice im Garantiefall CHF 19.00
Onkyo TX-RZ3100 Schwarz (Gratis: 2 Jahre Pick Up & Return Garantie)
Gesamtpreis inkl. 7.7% MwSt 2'198.00
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11.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver

For Multidimensional Sound Without Compromise

  • Ultimate DTS:X™ and Dolby Atmos® Home Cinema
  • THX®-Certified for Cinema Reference Sound
  • Google Cast™, AirPlay®, Wi-Fi®, and Bluetooth®
  • FireConnect™ Wireless Multi-room Solution
  • Housewide Playback of Any Source

Our flagship receiver’s fathomless pool of high-current power and instantaneous full-scale dynamics make it the ultimate driving force for 7.2.4-channel home-cinema layouts with floorstanding speakers, dual subwoofers, and in-ceiling height speakers. Sound quality is accurate, lush, and exuberant, capable of transporting your audience out of this world and into the one created by the film’s director. As well as completely transforming the cinematic and  stereo-listening experience, the TX-RZ3100 serves entertainment seamlessly across the home, with wired or wireless* multi-zone digital/analog audio, Zone 2 UltraHD HDMI®, and a suite casting technologies to share app-based audio to the home cinema and beyond. Designed for easy custom home integration, the TX-RZ3100 is crafted with passion for the passionate home cinema enthusiast.  * Requires optional FireConnect™-compatible speakers sold separately.

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 19.7 kg
Breite:435 mm
Höhe:201 mm
Tiefe:453 mm
Anschlüsse :HDMI Frontbuchse
HDMI Sub Out
PC Input
Phono Eingang
RS-232 Ports
HDMI Zone 2 (1080p)
Merkmale :UHD upscaling
4K upscaling / passthrough
THX Zertifizierung
Zone 2 Powered
Zone 3 Powered
Zone 2 pre-out
Dolby Atmos
4K UltraHD
Dolby TrueHD
Netzwerk Merkmale:Bluetooth integriert
Internet Radio
Audio Streaming
WLAN integriert
Spotify Connect
Google Cast
Hi-Res Merkmale:384kHz/32Bit

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